Children’s Menu – £5.50

All children’s meals are served with a choice of fries or new potatoes, and beans or peas.

Chicken Goujons coated in golden breadcrumbs
Breaded cod fish fingers
Beef or chicken burger (gluten free bun available)
Cheese and tomato pizza (v)

Childrens Dessert Menu

All £4.50

Ice cream tubs – Vanilla or raspberry ripple, served with a Cadbury Flake (v)
Vimto Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream (v)
Fruit pots – Mandarin and pineapple or peach and pear. Served with ice cream (v)
Chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice cream (v)

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Food Allergy Notice
Food prepared here may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Please also note that although every care is taken, fish may contain small bones and egg may contain shell. Please ask a member of staff for information.